Training & Games

Training Times:

Kadina Hockey Grounds - Tuesday nights 4:00 - 5:30pm TBC

Moonta Area School Oval - Thursday night 4:00 - 5:30pm TBC

Game duration:

Under 6s and 8s (Mini Roos): 45 minutes of games and activities

Under 12s: 20 minutes each half

Under 17s: 25 minutes each half

Seniors: 20 minutes each half if enough interest

Fee Information

It is a requirement of YPSA Inc. that all players are financial members and players must be registered with YPSA Inc. and the Football Federation of South Australia (FFSA) prior to participation in any match. Registration fee for 2019 will be $100.

Of this fee, $47 is payable to FFSA for affiliation and insurance and the remaining balance has been paid directly to purchase uniforms, equipment and progressing the establishment of soccer on the Yorke Peninsula including training coaches and referees.

An unregistered player is not eligible to play in YPSA Inc. competitions and carnivals. Please speak with our Executive Committee, Registrar, Kate about payment plans should the need arise.

Uniform & Equipment Information


The YPSA Inc. Committee has purchased new uniform shirts for all Under 12 and Under 17 players, thanks to sponsors Be A Sport, Wallaroo and The Bellagio, Kadina.

Shirts will be distributed at the beginning of each match and collected at the end of each match. Players will need to supply their own black shorts and long black socks. Previous season strips will be available to purchase at reduced price in the first few weeks for all players who want them. We encourage players and Mini Roos to purchase a strip to use for training purposes. Mini Roos will be provided with a bib for Sundays to differentiate teams.

Shin guards are essential safety equipment and are compulsory for each player before they take to the field in training or matches. They will need to be of suitable size for the player and necessary to reduce and prevent injury. These are worn under the socks which helps to secure them and prevent them moving when running. It is also recommended soccer / football boots are worn as this assists greatly in slippery conditions.


If parents are considering purchasing a soccer ball for their child, the following sizes are standard and recommended by FIFA (World Soccer governing body). Larger soccer balls are harder to control and delay skill development in children. These sizes will be used with children at training and on match days.

Ball sizes shall be:

(a) Under 7, 8 and 9 age groups a size three (3)

(b) Under 10, 11 and 12 age groups a size four (4)

(c) Under 13 and over a size five (5) ball.

During the middle of the winter season, sun protection is generally not needed, however during early Autumn and mid-late Spring, we recommend a sports sun block be worn when the UV index is moderate to high and we ask that it is applied prior to the scheduled start time.